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imple Fashion Tips To Help You Dress To Impress from keyless remotes

Many people desire to look great but are lost when it comes to starting the whole process. If you’re not familiar with fashion magazines, like Vogue, but would like to improve your look, it’s still possible. This article is designed to provide you with just the info that you need to be fashionable.

Know your figure’s strong points and its weaker ones. When you are petite, search in magazines for styles that increase your length. If you have a large bust, try to draw attention away with bright pants and skirts. If you have a pear shape, wear light colors on top with dark bottoms.

If you like wearing your shirt tucked inside of your pants, be sure you always wear a belt. If belts aren’t your think, consider a snazzy pair of suspenders. It is important to match your shoes to your suspenders or your belt.

It is easy to keep up with the seasons latest looks with a little browsing online. When you do your fair share of research, you are going to ensure that you are dressed correctly for any occasion that arises for you when the time of season comes.

Opting to wear sheer clothes can give off that sexy look, but you need to be mindful of just how see through this clothing is. Wearing something that is too sheer, particularly in private areas, will make you look trashy more than it will make you look classy.

Coloring your hair during the summer is a wonderful way to add a bit of pop to your ensemble. However, your hair needs to be healthy so that the color doesn’t fade too fast. Use conditioner and clean your hair every day for the best look.

Do not wear tight apparel if you have above average height. Check out the lengths of things like your skirt so you know everything fits on your body properly. Keep all of your clothes in equilibrium, so that you look proportioned during the day.

When you drink enough water, your nails and skin will look better. A lack of hydration will dry out your nail beds and leave you with brittle, cracked cuticles too. Since the air in winter time is normally dry and cold, it is important you keep yourself hydrated. Use shea butter at least once a day to add moisture to your cuticles and nails. For really deep moisturizing, apply the shea butter before bed and then slip on some cotton gloves for a night long treatment.

A belt can really spruce up your look. If your pants feel loose because your weight goes up and down a lot, there is a solution to help your pants stay up when you move around. Belts are great accessories for all kinds of styles, and anyone can wear one easily.

If your bust is especially large, stay away from crew neck shirts and boatnecks. V-necks are a better fit instead. When you don’t wear v-necks, you look plump, boxy and wide up top; a v-neck blouse will accentuate your body and help you look good. You can test out different looks to see which makes you look the best.

If frizz is your enemy, do not rub your hair with a towel when you finish washing it. You will just damage your hair and make it frizz more when you do this. Try patting your follicles instead. Afterwards, brush the hair gently.

One thing you are going to want to do is always keep an eye open for changes in style. Fashion is changes constantly, so it is important to read magazines to keep yourself updated. They typically display news trends in style first.

Make your best features stand out. Whether you’re long and leggy or petite and voluptuous, flattering your endowments will make you feel great. This strategy also works to avoid focus on your less desirable features. If you want to accentuate your shoulders, try a boat-neck shirt. Pencil skirts are pretty awesome for people with great legs.

Patters, especially floral, are making a comeback. Floral can be a lot of fun. Remember that if you are going to wear patterned clothing, you need to accessorize with patterns as well.

Stay away from patterned clothing with large shapes if you are overweight. These larger shapes put more emphasis on being bigger and it can be unflattering to you. Focus instead on small patterns and prints to take the attention away from your overall size.

If you’re carrying extra weight in your belly, avoid fitted clothing. That just emphasizes lumps that you are trying to hide. Rather, wear clothes that are loose-fitting and provide you with a leaner silhouette.

Stay away from horizontal stripes if you’re overweight. This pattern emphasize the width of your body, so it will make you seem even wider. Look for patterns with vertical lines so your height is emphasized instead of your width.

Don’t be shy and add some bright colors to your wardrobe. Consider that well dressed man wearing a pink dress shirt; it not only looks good, but it is also complements the man’s skin tones and eye color. Nice colorful tops can add flair to jeans or dark dress pants. Muted tones should be used at the office.

Your wardrobe should fit your personality. Often, people will try out different styles that are “in”, but they don’t fit their personality. Being authentic is always in style, being a poser isn’t. Your style can be classic or grunge, but it is your own personal style.

Don’t wear square heels if your legs are quite short. These shoes make people with short legs look shorter than normal, so try slim heel shoes instead.

Only wear outfits that are flattering on your figure. Much to your dismay, a low-cut blouse may not be the best choice for you, but maybe you’ve got killer legs. Show those legs off with some great high heels and a modestly-cut skirt to look great. Show off your best assets.

Fashion is more than checking out magazines or blogs. Research in other ways to find the best looks that fit your style. Read on for some great fashion tips everyone could use.

Get Up To Speed In The Fashion World With These Great Tips!

Learning about fashion is a process. It’s a matter of taste, and it’s a matter of what you can buy in the stores! There are a lot of things that add up to a great look; you just need to know how to pull together a look in spite of all the factors involved. Here are some great tips to help you.

Make sure that you choose an outfit that is made out of a fabric that complements the season. This means that you should not have a miniskirt on in August that is made out of velvet or a jacket in the winter that is made of lace or very thin linen.

You should have a minimum of three handbags in your wardrobe. The first handbag should be a standard, leather handbag with classic lines for everyday wear. The next handbag should be a large tote-style handbag to use on those casual days when you need to grab and go. You should also have a small clutch for those special occasions.

If you are small and petite, then you should avoid wearing strong prints and loose, chunky clothing. This will not look good on you. Instead, you should aim for fitted clothing and soft fabrics, and ensure that you streamline everything so that your body is not being cut in half.

If you are wearing all black or all white, that can sometimes make you look too simple and dressed down. To brighten up plain, solid colors you can try wearing shoes and accessories that are in sparkly and bright. Do not go overboard or you can make the whole look seem cheap.

To prevent your underwear or bra from showing through light-colored clothing, choose nude tones. Undergarments that closely mirror your skin tone are the least likely to be visible through white or other pale-colored blouses and pants. While it may seem obvious to stay away from black undergarments, white ones can be just as obvious.

If you wear leather, take care of it. When you buy a leather garment, ask the salesperson what kind of animal was used for it and what the tanning process was. Find out the specific care steps you need to take both right after purchase and over the lifetime of the garment.

Braiding long hair is very popular right now. This not only keeps long hair under control, but there are many fun ways this can boost your appearance. You can experiment with different types of braids like French braids and Dutch braids or dress up some simple braids with stylish hairpins, bows, and flowers.

A good fashion tip is to select your clothing for the day based on color. You don’t want to step outside with your shirt and shorts clashing because they’re complimentary colors. Experiment with different color combinations and see which colors you like and which color combinations you don’t like so much.

When choosing clothes, think about what season you are. If you look good in reds and oranges, you are a “summer” and probably will look good in any warm color (like yellow). If you look good in blues, you are likely a “winter” and look good in whites and greys as well.

When it comes to shopping, be sure that you compose a list before leaving to help you make the most of your time. This is important so that you can focus on what you need to purchase and help you stay away from items that may be a waste of money and closet space.

Getting a fabulous look together is not difficult. You just need to know how to do it. The tips in this article can guide you toward many great looks and help you to tweak your sense of fashion. So apply them to your wardrobe and you can look better than ever.

Rajasthani Handbag’s, A Remarkable Piece of Fashion World

Rajasthan is the land of colors and creativity. In Rajasthan everybody is busy in creating something new and more creative. This land is the hub of the skilled men and women. The beautiful creativity of the Rajasthani Designers is highly appreciated by all in the fashion world. The people always busy in creating and making something unique. The deep imagination of the designers comes out in the form of the beautiful creativity of their art. The artistic nature of the Rajasthan’s makes them different from others. They bring out their creativity in the form of their hand crafted articles.

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The designer Rajasthani handbags are more attractive and beautiful. These bags have different kind of sheen to inspire others for their own designs. The designer bags have the scent of India in their colors and the threads. The handcrafted designer bags have the artistic culture of Rajasthan in their design and texture.

Rajasthani Handbag's, A Remarkable Piece of Fashion World

Rajasthan is the land of colors and creativity. In Rajasthan everybody is busy in creating something new and more creative. This land is the hub of the skilled men and women. The beautiful creativity of the Rajasthani Designers is highly appreciated by all in the fashion world. The people always busy in creating and making something unique. The deep imagination of the designers comes out in the form of the beautiful creativity of their art. The artistic nature of the Rajasthan’s makes them different from others. They bring out their creativity in the form of their hand crafted articles.

You can see their art in the designer hand bags which can be adorn by them in a very beautiful manner. They make the bag more beautiful and attractive by the artistic cunning of their hands. Rajastahni’s make the things more beautiful by the designing them more gorgeously according to high demand and the fashion of the ongoing trend.  The art of Rajasthani’s is unmatchable in the context of the creativity and uniqueness.

The different kinds of fashion handbags are designed by the bag designers. These handbags are adorned by embroidery, mirror work, animal motifs, and floral designs. The culture of making the designer hand bags in Rajasthan is highly appreciated by the women’s. Women’s loves carry handbags. The fashion of carrying hand bags according to their outfits is on high demand. Girls love to carry bright color handbags in their hand and they use to carry these bags in a very artistic manner.  Handbags are one of the most important accessories of the women’s which complete their image.  These handbags occupy good space in the wardrobe of the women’s.

The colorful designs and embroidery of the Rajasthani’s handbags make them more valuable and designer. The designs add more value to the beauty of the handbags. The designer handbags carried by the women are which suits them in all kinds of outfits. The fashion of carrying handbags is ongoing in every season. When the girls going out for the shopping they usually plan to buy handbags. The different styles of the handbags are designed by the designers to catch the attention of the viewer to inspire them.

The beautiful designer’s shoulder bags are made by different kind of handicraft work such as the reclaimed sari, cotton fabric and different thread techniques. The designer handbags have the beautiful creativity of the designers hand and the threads which make the bag more beautiful. The wonderful creativity of the manpower of Rajasthan has potential to give the eminent luster to the raw material. The skillful art of the Rajasthani’s are famous all over the world and appreciated by all for their artistic nature.

The designer Rajasthani handbags are more attractive and beautiful. These bags have different kind of sheen to inspire others for their own designs. The designer bags have the scent of India in their colors and the threads. The handcrafted designer bags have the artistic culture of Rajasthan in their design and texture.

Wearing Purple, Fashion Tips

When you get bored of all the options that you have in your wardrobe and want to add some interesting yet smart options to it, purple may be a color worth considering. Even though the first thought that may come to your mind while reading this is that the author is out of his mind, read on and think again. Many people are choosing to adopt the unconventional purple because it makes an elegant and strong fashion statement.

The trick, however, is in the manner you choose the other accessories and how you combine your purple with other colors depending on the shade of purple you decide to wear. Other bright colors are a big no-no with purple. Pinks, oranges and red are color which you should not even give a single glance to while deciding to wear something purple.

If you are in the mood to wear a bright shade of purple, then you should consider dark accessories or a black coat to go along. A black skirt / trouser with a light purple top will make you look like royalty. Dark purple, on the other hand, should be teamed with light neutral colors like beige, cream and off-white. If you don’t want to be ousted by your friends and colleagues in a social gathering couple purple only with blacks, brown, cream, beige, white or on the outside a tan color. At no cost should you include any other colors.
If you are not confident about being able to decide the right color mix and are not positive that you can carry off a purple dress but still want to flirt with the color, you could try adding a hint of purple to your attire by using purple accessories. These could be in the form of buttons, earrings, scarves or pins.

But this piece of advice does not mean that you venture out and wear purple socks or shoes to match your purple shirt. It will smack of being cheap and flashy. Avoid purple shoes and any kind of purple dresses which are the same color from top to bottom. Too much of purple makes you look exactly the opposite of what you want to appear as. Purple should be used selectively with a certain angle to give a hint of nattiness without seeming to be flashy.

The color purple is beautiful and men and women alike should use it. But still, judicious use of the color is essential to get the desires result.

Fashion Models Carrer

The model who describes fashion as being in the most ‘comfortable state’ also believes that fashion is not about going over the top. Preeti Dhata is one lass who maintains a style statement that is edgy but yet colourful. Like any other bubbly girl, she also loves to go for movies, read books and indulges in gossip every now and then! Arguably the next big thing in the world of modelling, she gets candid in conversation with Your early days. It all started with a metro ride, I was travelling by the metro and met a photographer who told me that I could make a career in modelling. I took it as a joke but I think that incident triggered it all. Best thing about being a model? Without any doubts, it has to be the travelling! It’s a lot of fun hanging out with other models in a different city. In addition to that, we are in a field of fashion which is ever changing so I never bored.

Your style statement….Edgy yet colourful, I like short sweet dresses. But at the same time I have a good collection of various kinds of pants that I like to team up with funky shirts and gladiators or heels in footwear. I like things that are not too bizarre, but they should not be too boring also… Your fitness regime…Like many models, I’m not that blessed with a perfect figure, so I do have to maintain a lot. In order to stay in shape, I always try to follow a good and nutritious diet, and hit the gym 2-3 times a week.

Your beauty secret…I think using good skin products that suits your skin type and a good diet is every model´s beauty secret and mine is no different. What appeals to you more – walking the ramp or posing for print ads? They both are very different from each other but I like print, it gains more points because these days the shoots are not simple, they are very creative, thematic and challenging.

Do you agree that models are used as a hanger? This holds true only if models choose to be used as hangers. In my case, I don’t think I am used as a mere hanger. Do you think that the Indian modelling industry has grown from past few years? The credit goes to whom? Fashion fraternity has really worked hard in bringing the industry to the position where it is now. Our designers have shown in Paris Fashion Week recently and have brought Indian fashion to international limelight. I think they are the major contributors to the immense growth that our industry has witnessed. Carrying the right look or the right attitude – Choose. I will go for both. It’s like you cannot survive, if you lack either of them. It is most important to have an attitude that sets you apart from any other good looking face. Your favourite designer…Internationally, I love Karl Lager feld, Marc Jacobs… there are too many. Among the Indian designers I like Gaurav Gupta, Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Savio Jon…it’s so hard to name just one. Your take on foreign models getting preferences in the Indian fashion weeks? Ah…I would say it totally depends on the look of the season. If designers feel that foreign models will fit into their theme, then it’s totally their decision. Yeah…but I would like it if we get to see more Indian faces on ramp.

How do you cope with all the pressure and competition? I just do my work, focus on it rather than thinking about the competition. Tell us something, which most people don’t know about? I have a secret crush on Milind Soman! (well, don’t all girls do?) What next for you after modeling? Don’t know yet, still have not thought about it. But I’m sure that it will not be something boring for me.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Fashion?

If you’re trying to decide between earning a fashion degree or doing something completely different, like going for NEC’s masters of forensic accounting, then you really need to assess a lot of things about your personality. One field is wildly creative, stressful and fun, and the other has a lot of stability, but is ultimately pretty boring. The reason why a lot of people choose the more boring degree programs, though, is because they know what they can do with those degrees. However, not everyone knows how many different things you could with a fashion degree. If you’re not really sure, here is what you can do with a degree in fashion.

Be a Fashion Designer

The most common dream amongst those in the fashion world is to become a top fashion designer for a major couture house. In regard to fame, it doesn’t get much bigger than that, and the fame and fortune can be very grandiose. However, there are also all kinds of other designers that are at the helm of lines that are worn by people from all over the world because they’re sold at some of the biggest department stores. So there’s many different ways that you can approach your career as a designer.

Be a Fashion Writer

There are all kinds of fashion writers out there and the best ones are those who really know their fashion history. You will need to get your fashion degree from a top school like Northeastern University to get the intellectual education that you will need to properly write about fashion. You could write reviews, you could write copy for press and other purposes, you could write a column on fashion in the local paper. It all depends on your style of writing.

Be a Stylist

Not everyone is great at designing clothes themselves, but they are great at styling different people in order to bring out the best in their personality with regard to a particular event. Sometimes that event is some kind of public spectacle where a celebrity will be viewed by many people, or it could even be for their day-to-day wear. Other times you could be styling models for different kinds of photoshoots. You will need to be creative and fun, but also sophisticated and smart.

Be a Fabricator

If you love the process of sewing and making clothes, then you might want to learn the ins and outs of a particular type of clothing. You might want to work specifically with hats, shoes, or leather, or you might want to work on a specific type of dress. Some fabricators only make women’s clothes, and some fabricator’s only make men’s clothes. For example, you could custom design wedding dresses, or you could be a suit tailor.

Be a Creative Director

Every fashion house will have a head designer, but that’s not always their creative director. Oftentimes, they will need someone else by their side to help them make decisions and judgments on things as they develop. This person is extremely important because they act as a sounding board for the designer, which makes it much easier to make several decisions very quickly.

5 Things You Should Never Wear to Class in College

When you are buying clothes in college and thinking about your wardrobe, you really want to think about what is suitable for class. Indeed, there are some outfits that really aren’t suitable. Whether you are attending Emerson College or Maryville University, you want to avoid wearing any clothing that disrespects the college you are attending and your professor. In fact, you want to wear something that impresses. Ideally, you don’t want to look like you are getting ready to go the beach, to a party or to bed. These are some simple sartorial golden rules that you can hold on to throughout your collegiate career. Here are five things you should never wear to class in college.

  1. Swimsuit

Unless you are going to a swim class, you don’t want to wear swimwear to class. This includes swim trunks and bikinis. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, this is inappropriate. Also, you don’t want to wear a see through dress or top with a bikini underneath, because you will really look like you are heading to the beach. In college, you want to look like you are ready for class, not laying out in a cabana.

  1. Sunglasses

It is also important that you don’t wear sunglasses in class. If it is bright, you may want to sit in another part of the classroom where the sun is not shining. If you wear sunglasses inside your classroom, your professor may take this as a serious sign of disrespect. Sure, some people’s eyes may be sensitive, but the rule should be that your eyes should be visible behind the lenses. If you have trouble seeing the board, you may want to wear prescription glasses.

  1. Leggings or Sweatpants

It is also critical that you don’t wear any kind of leisurewear to class. Sure, other students may do it, but it really is disrespectful. Leisurewear includes sweatpants, leggings or even sweatshirts. Sure, these items of clothing may be very comfortable, but it doesn’t show a whole lot of respect to your professors and the collegiate institution if you go to class looking like you just woke up on a Sunday morning.

  1. Short Shorts

Another item of clothing you never want to wear in class are short shorts. This is an item of clothing that is cut extremely short and reveals a lot of skin. Some short shorts are cut from already tight jeans – making them shorter and more open is just making them more revealing. If it is warm out, you want to make sure that your shorts go down to at least your mid-thigh region.

  1. Lingerie

On top of everything, you never ever want to wear lingerie under your clothing if you are wearing an item of clothing that is very revealing or translucent. You can save the lingerie for date night. When you are getting ready for class in the morning, you want to stick to the more classic, basic undergarments. In the end, you don’t want to give too much away when you are a college student.

Simple fashion tips to improve your appearance

Fashion tips and skin care tips are very important for the modern man or woman. They say clothes make the man, and it’s the truth. Whether you are a man or woman the way you look in your clothes significantly affects the way that people look at you. Here are a few things you need to know to improve your fashion sense so that your outfit choices make sense.

– Don’t focus excessively on your body image
One mistake that women and men make when choosing clothes to wear is self-hate. Self-hate is whereby one is displeased with his/her body proportions. The way you feel about your body will affect the way you dress it. Body discomfort is one reason you find people walking around in excessively baggy clothing.
Get it right- your body is not the problem; the way you dress your body is the problem. According to fashion experts, every body type has the right dress formula to make it look amazing. Hence, find out your body type and dress your body accordingly.

– Choose the right colors
When you browse through fashion tips in magazines and online, you will find that the color of clothes you wear plays a big part in your overall appearance. You must learn to wear colors that compliment your skin tone. If you choose the wrong color, it will give you a dull appearance. If you choose the right color, it will make you look vibrant and improve your overall look. When you know the colors that look good on your skin using skin care tips, you will even choose the right makeup and hair color. Overall choosing the right color for your skin can greatly enhance your appearance.

– The right clothes for every occasion
Among the top fashion tips advocated by style experts, is the importance of wearing the right attire for the right occasion. You cannot wear club wear to the office and claim to be fashion forward. Matching the right attire to the occasion or place you are visiting is an important rule of fashion that you should adhere to all the time.

– Good grooming and cleanliness
Regardless of whether you follow all the fashion advice and skin care tips in the fashion book if you lack good grooming it’s all in vain. Good grooming refers to important aspects such as keeping well kempt hair, groomed eyebrows, well-done nails, smelling good and keeping clean. No matter how good you look if your grooming is not up to scratch, it will take away from your overall look.

– Keep it simple
One important thing always emphasized in fashion tips is the importance of simplicity in fashion. The best place to start in fashion when building up your wardrobe is with the basics. In fashion, there are certain basics such as a little black dress that should form the basis of your wardrobe. Once you have these basics, you can then build on them with accessories, tops, bags and shoes of your choice. Always endeavor to put together a simple outfit with minimal accessories to avoid overdoing it in fashion.

The most outstanding fur coats make users fashionable all the time


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Be stylish in your fur coat

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Tips for Dressing Fashionably on a Budget


Most of us aren’t blessed with unlimited funds in our clothing budget. It is however possible to dress quite well on even a modest budget. Here are a few tips and tricks to save money and dress well.

  • Cash in on clothing that you don’t wear any more. Clean your closets and sell what no longer fits or suits your needs. Take photos and sell them online, at sites like Ebay, or take them to a consignment shop. Use the money you make to buy new clothes.
  • Buy multipurpose, quality “staple” clothing items first. Before you buy yourself another pair of cute shoes, make sure you have nicely fitting dress pants and classically cut shirts in your wardrobe. And every woman needs a little black dress, for a night on the town. If you are male, have things such as a few button down shirts with the correct neck size and arm length and quality brown and black dress shoes with a matching belt. Then go for a classy sport coat or suit.  These basic items can then be the foundation pieces for a myriad of creative fashion as your new wardrobe grows.
  • Stake out second hand stores. New items come into second hand stores and the really special finds go quick. If you find a couple good stores in your area, check in once a week and look for bargains. You might not be lucky enough to find an authentic designer handbag, but you may find brand name, expensive clothing for 75-90% off retail.  If you are traveling and pass through a wealthy area or college town, check out their second hand stores while you are in town. They often have the best selection of designer brands.
  • Get creative with accessories. Buy or make creative jewelry to dress up an outfit. Learn to use scarves in creative ways. Even make a dramatic piece, like a unique necklace, be the star of the outfit, by wearing a solid color top or dress.
  • Make use of online coupon codes from Groupon. Many department stores, like Nordstrom, have discount codes that you can use, even on top of sales. Shop the sales and clearance items, then do a check on Groupon to see if you can add to the savings with a coupon code.  There are literally thousands of stores in their programs.
  • Get good at Ebay. Make yourself a wishlist for specific clothing items you would love to own. Set up watch lists on Ebay, to be notified when items that you are looking for pop up in the listings. A lot of times, people have no clue about the actual value of the items that they are selling and offer them up for pennies on the dollar. Someone is going to score the big bargain, so it might as well be you.


Follow these tips and soon you will have a new wardrobe that is the envy of your friends.

Nail Salon Hygiene – Whаt Nail Artists Dоn’t Reveal Whilе Yоu’rе Gеtting Yоur Nails Dоnе

I recently саmеасrоѕѕ a fairly disturbing study оn nail salon hygiene conducted bу Choice magazine.

In thiѕ study, a group оf lucky nail salon shadow shoppers wаѕ asked tо visit professional nail salons аnd report оnthеir hygiene levels. Ovеr 50 nail salons wеrе visited and, ассоrdingtоthе study, mоrеthаn a third оfthе salons visited wеrе found tоbе unsatisfactory, with thеmаin complaints bеing bad hygiene standards, poor customer service, аnd shoddy manicures.

Uроn entering thе salon, thеparticipantswеrе instructed tо request a complete manicure, tеllthе nail artist thаtthеуhаdnеvеrhаd a professional manicure dоnе before, thеnаѕkthе salon professional tоdеѕсribеwhаtthе process entailed.

Aссоrdingtоthе report, 92% оfthе technicians whо attempted tоuѕе metal cuticle clippers оnthе shadow shoppers didn’t put оn gloves. Evеn worse, thеу did nоtuѕеаn implement thаtwаѕ package-sealed, thоugh half оfthе nail technicians claimed thе instrument hаdbееn autoclaved (autoclaving iѕthе process оf heating water аbоvе boiling point in a pressurized device – it iѕthе safest wауtо sterilize equipment).

Sоmеоfthеасtuаl comments frоmthе survey participants rеgаrdingthеlоw hygiene levels thеу experienced wеrеаѕ follows:

“This salon hаdаn overpowering smell thаt burnt mу throat аnd made mе feel ill.”

“Counters аnd floors wеrе dirty, instruments reused,аnd technicians did nоt wash thеir hands аt all.”

“The technician hаd open wounds оnhеr hands. I asked hеrtо put gloves on.”

Althоughdiffеrеnt state health departments hаvеthеirоwn guidelines fоr health аnd safety thаt nail artists аrе supposed tо follow, a basic requirement оf infection control iѕhаnd washing – еithеr with soap аnd water, оr a 70% alcohol (or alcohol аndchlorhexidine) rub. Aссоrdingtо basic hygiene guidelines, bоththе nail artist аndthеir clients ѕhоuld clean thеir hands bеfоrе a manicure.

Thе salon I nоrmаllуgоtоiѕvеrу professional аnd clean, thе technicians аrе highly competent аnd certified,аndаll procedures аrе explained in great detail whеn asked. Check it out by visiting Chicago Nail Salons. So, I can worry-free pampermуѕеlffоrаlmоѕtаn hour аnd getmуѕеlfѕоmе beautiful nails (included in thе manicure wаѕ a nail bath, filing аnd buffing аnd cuticle work),аnd a massage.

Beautify yourself with the best fashion tips

Fashion always keeps on changing and for this reason you can find change in the way the present generation use to dress. It is important to keep yourself updated with the change of fashion for which you should try to get the ultimate fashion tips. If you wish to get knowledge or wish to keep an eye on the different changes of fashion, then you need to get information on the latest fashion trend. With proper study and research you would be able to get all the latest information on what fashion is going on in the present day.
Make a good search online
It is very important to find out the best website where it would be able to help you get all the necessary information of the latest trend in fashion. In this case you have to make good search over the Internet so that it would help you a lot to get the best idea on the fashion. Fashion tips can help you a lot to get the ultimate information of the different fashions that are in vogue. You would glad when you are able to get the perfect and the latest fashion trend that would work for you without any problem.
Dress in the perfect way
You have to make sure that the way you dress should suit your personality as well because some fashion might not be able to give the perfect look to you and so you might end up losing your money and dressing in a wrong way giving an odd look to your personality. So there are many other similar things that you need to concentrate so that you get the best look by looking at the latest trend in fashion. You would find that you get good compliments from your friends and colleagues who would praise you for the right choice that you have made.
Getting the perfect tips
You should be able to get the perfect fashion tips and you should try to pay attention to each and every tip that you get for yourself. If you are a woman looking for a good make up then you should find a dress that would suit you a lot. In this case you have to get yourself the best women fashion tips that can help you to look more attractive. So make sure that you are able to find the perfect women fashion tips by logging on to a best and genuine website and try to get all the information knowledge about the current fashion. You would be really proud and feel good when you get the right and the perfect tips that would help you to look very beautiful and at the same time confident as well.

Starting a Career as a Fashion Model

In order to enter into a career as a fashion model, the first thing that you’ll need is an attractive figure and appealing looks. If you don’t already have these, it’s going to be that much harder to break in. It isn’t all that difficult and most people can manage it, if they try right and try hard enough. If you are going for strictly a photographic modeling career, your standards can be dropped a mite, since today’s imaging technology can work miracles in erasing blemishes and altering the final appearance of a photograph.
As in any industry, there is a fine line between success and failure in modeling. To have a chance of becoming a successful model, you first need to think and act like a successful person; or as they say, act like a winner and the world will treat you like one. Once you begin to see yourself as a successful model you’ll naturally start doing the things to make it happen. Not to sound like it’s that easy, of course; it does require work but so does working a nine to five job. So, now that you’re thinking of yourself as a successful model, let’s get to some basics you must know.
If you plan to model, especially as a high fashion or runway model, you need several demanding physical attributes. The standard is that you need to be at least 5’8″ tall or taller. Your body weight and proportions need to flatter your height; fashion models notoriously diet and exercise all their lives. You need to have a good skin complexion without lots of pimples or blemishes, and you need to have relatively little body hair and to tan well. Your hair should be in good shape with no excessive split-ends or damage from over-dying. Your teeth should be well taken care of, straight and white; the only acceptable option here is having a dynamite smile.
Look closely in the mirror and be brutally honest with yourself. We all have limitations; and the fashion industry has developed unbelievably high standards. Some of these things listed above you can work to improve and some, like your height or your skin tone, you were just born with. Even if you don’t have all these model attributes, don’t give up hope; there are other opportunities in modeling not specifically related to walking a runway or getting your photo in a glossy magazine. In addition, you’ve probably already considered extensive cosmetic surgery – this is a given in the fashion industry.
The next thing is of course to get noticed and get recruited by a name brand modeling agency. Actually, it’s good to keep in mind that these agencies need you as much as you need them. They are constantly on the look out for fresh young faces and if you’re hanging out in the right places they might spot you out all by themselves. But it isn’t a very good idea to hang around and wait for that to happen. These days to get noticed you have to be proactive and push things yourself. Your first step in this direction would be to get a list of agencies that recruit models and send your professional portfolio of photographs to them. Simple photographs should serve the purpose well enough, so you don’t have to spend money on creating an expensive portfolio. Agencies also often have open castings that you can attend to get selected. Find out from the agencies in your area when they have these and when they are planning their next event.
Another leg up is the movie and film extras agencies. It’s very easy to get cast in one of these agencies, and anything like a byline can only help. Another possibility is to gain experience working as a live model for small businesses. Perhaps a public appearance at a convention or a local event at a department store can help beef up that portfolio.
The real action starts after you’ve been picked up by one of these agencies through your smart networking. You may have to relocate and live away from your family, or at the least you will have to travel the world. It may take time to get your first major job, and you have to be both patient and disciplined until then. Make sure that you attend all the casting calls, and show up for shoots on time. The top stars in this career can get away with having people wait on them, but you can afford no such luxury when you’re starting out.
Present yourself in a natural and relaxed way; confidence is half of the game. The agency that takes you in will be presenting you to their clients for consideration in modeling needs. If you are relaxed and simple, your chances may be much better at getting selected than if you are heavily made up, put up artificial postures, or are trying hard to impress. Just as this is true of almost anything, being relaxed and not worrying too much about what’s going to happen will be the most common sense approach.
If you’re going to be a model, you better learn to love the camera and the studio environment. It goes without saying that you don’t hesitate to show yourself off. Fashion models get body coaches and practice poses to find out what type of posture suits them best and try to do those. Every fashion model is a little bit of an exhibitionist, so you might as well decide now that you like to be looked at. For instance, take it as a given that a fashion career will include some nude modeling along the way.
The kind of work of a fashion career demands a submissive disposition. You will have to be where they tell you, wear what they tell you, and move and pose how they tell you. The photographer, filmer, or director will be in charge, and you’ll have to be good at following directions. Modeling and acting are intimately intertwined, so get used to the idea that you are a performer and not just an ornament.

Cutting Through The Hype – How to Become a Fashion Model

A fashion models job has the first appearances of being a glamorous one. Once you attain the position of a fashion model you go through a life of beauty, receive tons of money for just looking great, and numerous people idolize you for both your looks and your talent.
Numerous younger girls and boys alike, dream of someday living the life of a successful fashion model. Nevertheless, the job itself is more challenging then they realize. There are many requirements to be a fashion model. In addition to the mandatory requirement of exceptional physical beauty, you also need superior mental traits to help you to both survive and excel in the fashion and beauty industry as well as with your competitors.
The Talent
A certain amount of talent is a necessary trait to have when being a fashion model. Beauty only takes you so far in modeling. Simply looking into a camera is only one aspect of modeling as there is so much more to it than that. In a sense it is kind of like acting. You must become the character or the object that you are modeling. You have to have the ability and talent to portray emotion from the facial expressions you show to your body language.
A fashion models primary job is to make any type of item look good and hence more appealing to the market they are catering to. This also goes beyond just clothing. They are suppose to make look appealing anything from a dust-repelling sofa spray or million dollar shoes.
Lets face it, if these models do not look good or with their charisma do not sell the product, then there is no point to them. Some fashion models also walk the catwalks and runways. To do this in a proper manner, the right posture as well as walking must be learned.
The Look
Sadly, personality and inner beauty do not cut it when it comes to the world of fashion. A certain look must accompany a fashion model. Fundamental guidelines state that to be able to walk down the runway, a female fashion model must be at least 34-24-34.
That is to say that their bust and hips should be 34 inches and their waist should be 24 inches. Additionally, they should be at a minimum 5 feet 8 inches tall. Because measures such as these are very extreme, they have promoted dramatic eating disorders. There are some modeling agencies that will not accept models who have been proven to be underweight on a clinical level.
Naturally, not all women modeling fall under this thin category. There is an additional option of plus size modeling. Plus size modeling stands for bigger sizes. An average woman would most probably not conform into either of these categories.
In addition to being the right weight and height, a fashion model must have beautiful hair, skin, and face. Make up and airbrushing can make anyone thinner and flawless, only it makes the job easier if they can take a fresh, young face and work from there.

Why Join a Fashion Design Program?

You may have talent in designing and you have been making your own clothes since you can remember. However, even if you are talented, there is always the need to join a fashion design program. There are a number of reasons why this is necessary for anyone who would like to make it in the fashion design industry. Getting into a fashion design program will help you develop the raw talent you have so that you can turn it into a career. Going to a fashion school will introduce you to different cultures so you are able to design for people from different backgrounds.
The right fashion design program will provide you with a lot of inspiration. As you are in school doing your degree program, you will also be developing your portfolio. This is the most important document for a fashion design professional. It is your visual resume and show cases your best work. When you take fashion design courses Texas you learn how to build a professional portfolio. This lets you know what you should include in your portfolio and what you should not. Many talented people have problems because they do not know how to build an impressionable portfolio.
The best thing about a fashion design program is that you get to learn from people who have already made it in the design industry. When you take fashion design courses, you can get your degree. This is what will make you a respected and appreciated fashion designer. If you do not have one there is the risk of being overlooked by potential employers. Fashion designing colleges Texas not only help you grow your talent but also teach you other skills that will be useful in your career. You will learn skills in business management, marketing and how you can set up your own practice in future. This means you will not have to spend your entire life waiting for employment and you can be independent.
It is necessary to have some experience when you want to make it in the fashion design industry. Most entry level jobs require that you have attended fashion designing colleges. So joining the design program puts you ahead in your career. When you are taking your fashion design courses Dallas, you will also be able to get mentors. As you are getting tutored, you can choose a professional who will mentor you in your career. You can also ask your fashion design courses Dallas professors to act as your referees when you are looking for a job.
In order to benefit from all the above, you need to be careful when choosing fashion design courses Dallas. It is essential that you choose a course that will help advance your career. There are different concentrations you can decide to major in, such as merchandise marketing or management. You can also major visual communication or graphic design. The fashion design courses Dallas you choose should be well taught and personal attention offered to you so that you can learn fast. The broad education background you get after completing the course will help you break into the fashion business.

Wire fashion mannequins – the advanced version of window display

1.Wire fashion mannequins – the advanced version of window display

In today’s competitive world, each business needs enough amount of exposure from the customer for getting success. For this purpose, most of the business people have highly concentrated on advertising their product or service in the most effective manner. In fact, there are different ways available to advertise the product or business. As this way, if you own a clothing shop or any other textile related industry, then the window display is one of the best attractions for the customers. This is because that the window display can definitely attract the people in the highly effective manner. As this way, the mannequin is one of the best products to make the attraction of the customers. In fact, there are a variety of mannequins available in the shops and so you can choose your best one that suits your needs. In that way, the wire fashion mannequin is one of the designs that can provide the most effective features than the ordinary mannequin.

Features of the wire fashion mannequin

2.Wire fashion mannequins – the advanced version of window display

If you have decided to use the mannequin as your window display, then you have the wide range of availability. In this way, the advanced version of the mannequins is coming in the form of the wire. These are one of the most effective and useful products to make the window display.

  • This wire fashion mannequin is highly adorable to see and it can attract the customers in the highly effective manner.
  • It is less weighted than the ordinary mannequins and so it is highly used in most of the shops.
  • These kinds of mannequins are effective to show the clothing, hair styles, hats and more on.

In this way, the wire fashion mannequins are useful to give the attractiveness in the highly effective manner. For this reason, most of the people like to use the mannequins in their business.

Tips to buy the mannequin

When it comes to choosing the wire fashion mannequin, then there is a wide range of features available. As this way, the mannequins are offered in different colors and materials. So, you can choose the best mannequins for your purpose that suits your needs.

As well as, the wire fashion mannequin is also offered in different poses like standing, sitting crossed legs and more. So, you can choose the best one that suits you and your business needs in the highly effective manner. Furthermore, the mannequins also available in a variety of shapes and therefore it can be easily customized.  So, it can be effective to make your window display in the decorative manner.

In fact, there are a large number of shops that are available over the internet to provide the mannequins at the lowest prices. So, if you want to buy the wire fashion mannequins, then you can find the right mannequin shop. Once you have found the right shop, then you can order your mannequins that fits for your needs. If you want to know more about the mannequin, then you can search over the internet.

List of Top Fashion & Design Colleges in India provided By Scholars Learning

With the boom in the fashion industry, there are many students looking for a career in fashion designing. A good college with the right people to guide you in learning all the technology and ideas is important. There are plenty of courses offered in most of the fashion colleges for you to choose. So, we have researched and listed some of the Top Fashion Design Colleges in India that offers the best courses in the country.
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Chennai
One of the finest fashion colleges in the country and holds a high reputation due to its collaboration with Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. To get in, you have to take an entrance exam called the NIFT entrance. NIFT has produced some of the most famous fashion designers over the years. The courses offered are:
Bachelor Programmes:
B.F Tech in Apparel Production
B.Des in Fashion Design, Leather Design, Textile Design, Accessory Design
Masters Programmes:
Master of Design
Master of Fashion Management
Master of Fashion Technology
Pearl Academy, Delhi
Pearl Academy is another famous Academy in Delhi which collaborates with Nottingham Trent University in the UK. It offers many Undergraduate courses, diplomas and Post-Graduate courses. Some of them are:
BA Fashion Design
BA Fashion Styling and Image Design
BA Communication Design
BA Fashion Marketing and Retail Management
Master’s Program
MA Design – Fashion & Textiles
MA Fashion Marketing
PG Diploma Courses
PGD Fashion Design
PGD Fashion Merchandising
PGD Fashion Marketing
International Institute of Fashion Design, Delhi
It is one of the best Institutions in the country with the best infrastructure and labs for designing. There is a recruiting program in which top recruiters in the fashion industry visits. There is an NEFT entrance exam to get admission. Some of the courses offered are:
Bachelor Programmes
B.Des – Fashion Design
B.Des – Accessory Design
B.Des – Textile Design
Master Programmes
Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M)
Master of Fashion Technology (M.F.T)
Symbiosis Institute of design, Pune
With a colossal campus area of 7500 sq metre and state of the art technology throughout its campus, Symbiosis Institute is the best in terms of providing Designing courses. Students are hired by some of the top firms in the country. The courses offered are:
B.Des – Communication design
B.Des – Industrial Design
B.Des – Fashion design
B.Des – Textile design
More information to visit
Call us – 0120 – 4540415

Wedding dresses SS 2016 on the Paris catwalks

An eclectic showcase of stunning wedding dresses was seen at this year’s Paris couture shows, with the inspiration for many designers appearing to come from vintage wedding fashion.


Image Credit

One of the most beautiful wedding dress designs evolved from the 1970s-inspired boho style. The off-the-shoulder design dominating many fashions at present was also incorporated, giving the dresses an effortless look and understated chic style.

Bohemian style from Giambattista Valli

One of the designers who utilised this look was Giambattista Valli, with a flowing minimalist dress and bohemian-style neckline. Flattering many different body shapes, this dress style is becoming increasingly popular, offering something unique to the everyday wedding dress in addition to being a practical design that provides movement and comfort throughout the day.

There are many different variations of this 1970s bohemian style; however, the classic frills and floating nature of the dress are the staple features of this design. As seen on the Paris catwalk, this bohemian-style dress boasts a higher waistline, often with seams just under the bust.

Adopting the 1970s style

Wedding fashion advisors such as Style and the Bride often favour the style of the vintage 70s bohemian dress, as it can be tailored to each individual bride’s personal taste and figure. One difference can be the length, with the floaty nature of the dress also suiting floor length and mid-calf (ballerina) length, providing the opportunity to add a gorgeous pair of statement shoes.

The neckline can also be adapted to suit the bride, with some choosing the bohemian off-the-shoulder look with the frill while others prefer it to sit on their shoulders to create a plunging neckline.

The materials used to create these dresses can also vary, with cotton lace, embroidered chiffon and other soft fabrics creating subtle differences. The beauty of all these designs lies in the unrestrictive nature, with no boning or stiff fabric, which ensures an elegant and carefree style is exuded.

Optional bows and other adornments, such as broach detailing, can bring a touch of glamour to these dresses, while coloured dresses or white dresses with accent colours can provide a unique twist.

The Paris catwalks have unquestionably utilised the vintage 1970s-style wedding dresses to create a classy yet modest design that is beautifully romantic and nostalgic.

The Brief Introduction of the Fashion Clothes and the Style Clothes

Human beings have generally been ruled by the ardent want to look attractive and gorgeous. The clothing style keeps on shifting. Men and women usually experiment different items to look appealing. But these experimentations cost them a great deal. Fashion clothes are normally elucidated as clothing that happen to be in fashion or are trendy. These clothing are loved both from the youths and also the grown ups?
The trend of clothing keeps on transforming. At times jackets are in demand whereas you can find occasions when pullovers turn into a craze. This shows that persons prefer to experiment everything to make them attractive. This phenomenon has been persistent in each age. Folks in each and every age have experimented several types of clothing to appear trendier. Nevertheless, as of late you will find wide array of fashion possibilities. Presently, people today incorporate distinct looks like retro, hip hop and street wear and so on. The passion for flaunting off and working with distinct combination to boost the character has turn out to be apparent. Terms like retro put on, hip hop and so forth. have categorized the trends and style of the people today.
Style designers have plunged into this arena to develop fashionable clothes at common intervals. To meet the demands of their shoppers, the designers keep on generating high quality and economical clothing. They recognize the taste and style from the folks. This enables the customer to help keep pace together with the modifying trends. The lingeries have certainly designed the preferred effect on the fashion neighborhood. The lingerie is determined by the personal decision of the persons. They may be readily available in many patterns that range from attractive to sensible.
Lingerie like other casual clothing has styles in craze for different seasons, that offers woman the decision of colors and types. Lingeries are readily available in all shapes and sizes to enable the ladies explore their sensuality. Nevertheless to find plus size lingerie is usually a tough endeavor. But with all the advancement of garment market, such dreadful concerns of fat lady have vanished. As such fat woman may also appear seductive and wonderful with plus size lingerie. The lingerie needs to be comfortable and should clasp the body devoid of harming the skin or flesh. Top quality lingerie would help you to improve your body shape and personality.
Designers are considerably fixing their interest towards the attractive plus size lingerie to provide far better collection for bulky lady. It can be seriously pretty discouraging to search the shops for plus size lingerie. Each woman features a want to look attractive and beautiful. Plus size lady would no longer have to buy the leftovers. A lot of shops have cropped up these days that specialize in manufacturing seductive lingerie for all sizes of woman. You can find endless solutions to generate yourself appear sleek and attractive irrespective of what your size is. The lingerie gives women a sense of joy as they can look desirable and attractive. It offers them an chance to add attractive appeal to their looks. This boosts their confidence and enhances their general character.
Having said that prior to getting lingerie find out which style and style of lingerie would boost the physique features. The style of lingerie need to add to the good characteristics. Well chosen clothes would drape nicely and improve your figure. 1 ought to very carefully choose a garment that suits a single physique and attitude without just blindly following the fashion trends. It is not always possible that the clothes which can be showcased by the models are the most suitable ones and would suit everyone. Distinct people have unique physical stature and vital statistics. Thus, it really is critical to become added cautious even though purchasing the fashionable garments.
Nonetheless, fashionable clothes come with higher price tags. But the on line buying stores come to resolve all of your issues. The style clothes in UK are of top rated high-quality and have stylish designs. A lot of portals feature clothes from many different fashion homes and designers. Apart from the clothing they also give a variety of fashion accouterments and paraphernalia. The customers can select the fashion clothes and accessories that add style and beauty to their personality.

Buying Womens Fashion Clothes with Afforadable price

There is a lot that can be provided on the globe of style. However, most of the style activity is all based around the style and purchase of Womens Fashion Clothes. It is the common propensity for females to buy more wide range of Clothes and invest bigger volumes on their Clothes.
Style is an market which is hardly ever hit by economic downturn, since Womens will keep buy Clothes, no issue how the market looks. While the amounts are what may look to take a hit, there is certain to be on going activity in the marketplace. This is why you can be more certain that you will restore your cash.
Women’s style is always going. Designs and reduces modify with styles, conditions and industry motions. There is a lot of opportunity to get into this business in many areas. This is a amazing road for you to research and develop in the marketplace as a as a designer and manufacturer. You can also try and look at this from the element of submission and store, , since there is a lot of room for profits and growth.
For Brief Knowledge – When you think about Womens Fashion Clothes, you usually believe that it is less delicate to cost. While this is true for the higher stops and top quality manufacturers, there is a certain understanding to cost as far as regular and amount buys are worried. If you want to buy womens clothes simply log on to
Women’s have a lot of fun buying their clothes, and also as much fun when being in the market. There is excellent prospective for ladies to be in the company since they know and comprehend the technicalities of it. Women’s who are in style have known to be hugely effective and appreciate remarkable fulfillment. It requires a woman to know another, and therefore, there is a fantastic change that can be sensed in the tiniest places.